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The Gimblet Family

We believe that our Father and our Mother though they've passed away, are in heaven looking at us as we move from day to day.

They would love this idea of us coming together once or twice a year, to eat meals together, laugh with each other, and if need be shed a tear.

If they were alive they would appreciate you for being so gracious, allowing us to use this house that is very, very spacious.

In this house on Cumbrian Lakes Drive we've reflected on times gone by.

We've eaten meals together, laughed with each other, and have sometimes shed a tear.

We are sending you a picture of us. You'll see we've placed the bandanna on an empty chair. This is where our departed sister would be standing if GOD had chosen to allow her to be here.

Our time here was nearly perfect, nearly perfect you see. The only reason it isn't so is that we are missing those three.


Nellie (JC)



FannieK (Jesse)

Luther (Mary)

Rollie (Brenda) Registered by Mary Gimblet Submitted by Fannie Gimblet Kearney


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