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The Wadding Family

We thought we were looking for the impossible.  To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we wanted to get our 3 children and their families to spend a week together in a large home or lodge.  They are spread around the country so many years go by without all of us getting
together.  And it gets more difficult - - especially since they keep giving us more grandchildren, which makes travel even more difficult

So……….finding a place for all 16 of us to stay for a week under one roof without stepping on each other would be hard.


Enter Florida Leisure Vacation Homes.  They provided us with a 6+ bedroom, 4 ˝ bathroom house with a pool, spa, game room, laundry, and plenty of common space for sharing the good times.  To top it all off, the price was very reasonable and the unit was in excellent condition.  Their staff helped us arrive informed and ready to relax - - there were no surprises!


 The week started out with plenty of excitement as our 3       kids, their spouses, and our 8 grandkids got reacquainted and the smiles and laughs broke out.  It was fun being able to have the entire group eating, watching TV, hanging around the pool, or just visiting.  In a hotel, we would have been scattered around in 5 or 6 rooms.


We started visiting nearby Florida vacation attractions on the second day.  The location made finding our destinations easy and we could be back at the vacation home in time to swim or play games before dinner.


The 8 grandchildren were having so much fun!  With so many people in one house we were concerned that everyone would get stressed out.  The opposite happened - - everyone had more fun and was relaxed because there were so many activities in the house.  In fact, our daughter-in-law was pregnant and her new baby could obviously sense how much fun it was on the “outside”.  So on the third day of our vacation our 9th grandchild decided it was time to arrive!  Instead of going to Universal Studios Florida, our son and his wife headed to the hospital. We took everyone else to Universal - - every time we emerged from a ride or attraction, we hurriedly dialed the cell phone to find out if the baby had arrived.  At 4pm, grandson Slade popped out and screamed,
“Let’s get back to the vacation house so I can meet my brothers, sister, and cousins!”


He came straight to the vacation house when he was discharged from the hospital (going home could wait until the end of the week………). When he turned three days old, he rode with us to Silver Springs and spent the day vacationing with his entire family. This only could have happened in a Florida Leisure Vacation Home………………… was a wonderful week!


Dale & Becky Wadding
La Crescent, MN


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