Friends Don't Let Friends Stay In Hotels!


Elmo Goes To Dallas

Busch Gardens recently opened their Sesame Street Safari of Fun...and Elmo has been working extremely we decided to take him on a short vacation to Dallas.

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Packed and ready to go We arrive at Orlando Airport Elmo goes through security
Elmo rides the monorail .... and finds his seat on the plane & he always loves the coffee!
Elmo gets to know our flight attendants .... and after a busy day... it's time for a nap
But it wasn't all play... Bill Glazer had a chat with Elmo and so did Jim Palmer and Marilyn Pullen
and Steve Maughan and Laura Parke and Dean Biggs
and Jackie Ewing and Charlie McDermott and Meredith Bell
  and finally Diane Conklin, who all learned from Elmo  ...              

 Friends Don't Let Friends...

Stay in Hotels!

Mission accomplished ... and it was time for Elmo to fly us back home to Orlando



So remember... Friends Don't Let Friends ... Stay in Hotels!


so please refer your friends and family to us and save them the hotel headaches


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